Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Linky Party Answers

Okay, so I know I am late, it has been a crazy week! My husband got promoted so we had a huge party with all his fellow marines, lots of fun! Anyway, my lie was #2. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I can remember making my little brother sit and pretend he had a desk and I was his teacher telling him what to do! Nothing has changed! It is true I met Luke Skywalker while in Kinder (it WAS the coolest thing EVER) and I did finally get to see Madonna in concert last November (second coolest thing EVER). :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let's Get Acquianted Linky Party!!

Two truths and a lie about me, try to figure it out.......

1. I once met the actor who played Luke Skywalker when I was in Kindergarten. His cousin was in my class. It was like the coolest thing EVER!

2.  As a child I never wanted to be a teacher, I always wanted to be a nurse.

3. I finally went to a Madonna concert last November since she was my fave since I was in 5th grade. ( I will turn 39 this month) :)

Leave me a comment on what you think is a lie, then click on the Linky Party and go back to post your own so we can learn about you!! :)


Pencil Craziness!!

Hello all!
Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. I have been crazy busy at school and home! My husband was on TAD (Marine Corps) in Norway for over a week which meant that I had household and kids duty all to myself! On a better note, today was his Promotion Ceremony to Captain. Yaaaay! So proud of him!
Well, at school we are busy, busy! The kids (and me) are READY for Spring Break!
I wanted to share with you a great idea that I put into action last week. I was having SO MUCH pencil drama in my room it was insane. I could not go more than 5 minutes without someone complaining, "I lost my pencil!" or "my pencil broke!" I was giving away a box of pencils a day! Where did they go? Also, I had TONS of pencils always all over the floor. I let them sharpen in the morning and we keep a small bucket of sharpened pencils but that still was not working. Anyway, I decided to figure out a way to solve this ongoing problem. I saw on another blog (I am sorry but I forgot where to give them credit) about marking the pencils with names and having them turn in on Friday for a prize. Well, I took that idea and put it with one of my own. I wanted to keep them responsible for their own pencils and not have them all over the place. So I decided to put velcro on the bottom of plastic cups and attach to desks. I then put two sharpened pencils with their names on them in cup. I told them if they have them at end of week, they will get a ticket for each to spend on treasure box goodies. Well, OMG I could not believe what a difference! I think in the two weeks I have done this I have been asked for a pencil maybe 3 times!! And they still have the original at the end of the week! Hardly any on the floor and no more disruptions! So simple I wish I thought of this sooner! How do you handle pencils in your class?