Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid Year Assessments

Hello all! Don't know about you but I have been crazzzzyyyy busy with mid year assessments!! I am almost done and thankfully can get back to actually TEACHING next week! I am so excited about that! I am planning on hitting the writing hard! Since I have done assessmsnts most of my kiddos are doing pretty well in the reading area. I really need to focus on the writing to get everyone where they should be ready for 3rd grade! We do Reading 3D Assessments with MClass. What do you do?? Love to hear your comments.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Literacy Organization

So I have been a busy bee today, (even though I took the work day off) he he! I made a Literacy Organizer much like the ones seen on pintrest but I got the idea from Sarah over at Snipets for First Grade(  and how she organizes her Literacy Centers/Daily 5. I am going to change up my literacy blockand do something similar to hers with running some centers during Daily 5 time. I will choose each day who goes to centers, reads with me and does Daily 5. In Daily 5 is when they will have choice of what they will do. I only have time for about 3 rotations a day so students will still get some variation. Here is my final project and some label freebies it you would like them. How do you do your Literacy Block, I would love to hear from you!!!
                                                                        Click on the labels to get them all.........



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whole Brain Teaching

Well, I have been having trouble with my class listening and following directions lately. A comment from one of my followers suggested I try Whole Brain Teaching. After reading about it and watching some videos on youtube, I am thinking I will give it a shot. I have a class with 18 boys and 10 girls so I REALLY need something to get their attention and keep them engaged!! I am super excited to try it out! I was just about to create some cutsie little posters to go along with the Rules when I found someone had already done it on TPT. Thanks Tracy from Creekside Teacher Tales! You can find them here:  
Why recreate the wheel right?? Anyone used WBT and what are your thoughts on it??

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy Week!!

Fantastic week of Mid Year Assessments! I am so proud of my kids because they have grown so much! Makes my job all the more meaningful! On another note,  I have been busy making some super cute decorations for my classroom. They were so easy! I found something similar on pintrest and just changed it up to fit with my class. Cut some boards, painted them then modge podged some scrapbook paper on top. Bought letters from Michael's, painted them and added the ribbon. Soo cute!!


Monday, January 14, 2013


Whew! Had a crazy day at school today! Have had trouble getting the kiddos to stop talking when I am talking or trying to give directions. I usually say Give Me Five! Or I clap in a pattern for them to repeat. I also use put your hands on your head etc....
But seemed to work. My voice hurts from trying to talk over them. Anyone have any suggestions on how they handle talking or getting class attention?? Would love to hear your ideas! Thanks and have a great teaching week!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I LOVE it!!

I am soo excited to show off my new blog! I can't wait to share all my ideas with and learn from yours! Thank you so much to my awesome designer Tiffany Kuerhl at Tiffany Kuerl Designs!! If you need a new blog or makeover I highly suggest you visit her! She has fabulous ideas, is wonderful to work with and great prices! Check her oSignature!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Blog Design

Sooo excited!!! I am awaiting the design of my new blog! It is awesome and I can't wait to share!