Monday, July 14, 2014

Finally done!

Hello all!
I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am. However, we all know there is always "teacher work" as my son calls it! I have been working on this Teacher Planner/Binder for few weeks now on and off but am happy to say that I am done! I hope you will check it out and be able to use it in your classroom this year. It is a Lifetime Binder that I will update each year! I will be making more colors and designs soon. Please leave some feedback on some designs and colors you would like to see or you think others would like. Click on image below. Then go relax and read a book or something! ;)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ok, Ok, I know I have been slacking on my sweet little blog. I have been so super busy this year and where has the time gone! Our 3rd 9 weeks report cards just went home last week, MEANING- only 7 weeks of school left!! Cray-zee!! I have been up to a lot this year, working hard on guided reading, Daily 5 and my math block. Math time has been a nightmare this year. Our school uses Envisions but we don't have any texts. Hmm? Makes it kind of difficult. First of all I do not care for the program. I don't think it takes enough time on each concept and the way it explains things are sometimes very confusing. Second, it does not meet all of the Common Core standards which makes pulling from other sources very time consuming.  My Second Grade Team and I have been desperately trying to put together something that works. We have found many great resources on TPT such as Interactive math notebooks and Common Core bundles. We just put it all together and it is slowly but surely coming along. We are kind of making our own curriculum. How about your school? What math do you use and how do you like it?