Sunday, April 14, 2013

Adjectives and Poems Oh My!!

So it is about that time of the year for Poetry! I have so much fun teaching Poetry and the kids always love it! First we are going to review adjectives because you know teaching them once is never enough! I am going to do this cute idea from

where she made a cute book of adjectives that the kids write about.
 Then I am going to do Hope King's Unit on Poetry that she made. It is super cute and is called ipoetry, using the idea of an ipod or iphone. You can find it here .
We are finishing up our Australian Animal Research papers and let me say I am pretty impressed at how well my kiddos have done on it. They researched animals with their partners, filled out graphic organizers with the information and are now doing their final drafts. They are good!! I am really proud of how far they have come in their writing!
We also have an Awards Ceremony for the 3rd nine weeks (yay!!) and an early release this week for Professional Development, so we are super busy!! This year is flying by! Have a great week!!
What are you teaching this week??


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