Monday, February 25, 2013

Change of Schedule??

So I tried flip flopping my schedule today. I used to do math first thing and then writing, word work and Unit studies (SS or Science) and then Daily 5 in the afternoon. Well, I was feeling really rushed and did not have as much time as I wanted for Guided Reading groups. So today I tried doing Daily 5 first and I got in 3 rounds when I usually could only fit two. The kids were soo excited, they love Daily 5! Can't argue with that!  So things were going well....... until I tried Math in the afternoon and oh my! I had blank tired stares from most the entire class! Not sure if it was the lesson or they were just TIRED! I will keep trying this week and if it doesn't work will have to switch it up again. How is your day planned? Do you prefer Math in mornings or afternoons? Would love to hear your comments!


  1. Hey tiff. You know I try my best to integrate my writing and unit studies first thing..... Then, I move on to a targeted reading lesson and release them to practice during book clubs, lit circles and web quests. This is when I work with my at risks, assess, monitor and small groups. I try to get all literacy stuff done before lunch. That leaves my afternoon for math and science. I think the key to keeping them learning in the afternoon is mini lessons and movement and hands on. Mine are asleep too if I don't keep them moving.
    Love your blog, by the way! Lisa

  2. Well, my day starts with DAILY 5 first but I do it differently than the two sisters. I just could not break it up into three sections like they do. I felt like I was changing topics all the time and I didn't like that for my ELL students. I should call it my WEEKLY 5 but that is okay. I use the structure of the program with my students. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! it.

    In the afternoon I do my Math Instruction right after lunch and specials. I saw on one of your posts a picture that had a bulletin board about Math Daily 5. Do you do that in your classroom? I would love to visit with you about that. I have not attempted to impliment that into my classroom yet but I would like to. Any suggestions on where to go besides "The Two Sisters" website to learn more about it?

    I am enjoying getting to know you better by looking through your blog. I am on Spring Break so I have plenty of time to browse right now. Have a good one.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis