Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wow! We survived our 100th Day of School yesterday! This year seems to be flying by! I had a fantastic day planned for the kiddos and when they arrived at school the frenzy started! I found this great unit on TPT by SOS Lesson Plan Teachers, you can find here and used most it but also incorporated my own activities. I gave each group a different color headband (I was going to get bandanas but they were almos $2 each so I went with tribal looking ribbon).They started off making banners and naming their tribes.  It consisited of a 100 Marshmallow Hunt, a 100 Chart puzzle, an Acrostic "One Hundred" poem, a map scavenger hunt, and building something using 100 cubes. All I can say is they had a blast and I was exhausted! It was so worth it though and hopefully will be something they always remember!!


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  1. I have done this 100th day party with my students for 2 years and absolutely LOVE it. The ladies at SOS Lesson Plans are great. My students also had a fabulous day with their challenges. I agree with you on the bandana's. We used material and cut strips to use for the tribal colors. The activities that we did were:
    1. Making their posters with their tribe name on them.
    2. Cup Stacking (100 cups per group)
    3. Puzzle Mania (100 pieces)
    4. 12x8 piece of paper ~ This activity always amazes me on which team can work together and figure it out. I love this one because they really have to problem solve before they start cutting their strips.
    5. Geography Activity (Great Partner activity)
    6. Digging in the Dirt ~ I used gummy worms and crushed oreas and pudding. The students had a ball with this one. I saved it for the last challenge.
    As I look at your blog, it seems like we are very similiar. It's nice to meet someone that enjoys the same things that you do.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis