Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where did summer go??

I know all you teachers are feeling the same! We soooo look forward to our summer and then we wonder, what did I do this whole time?? Some of you may already be back! (sigh) It is a bittersweet time of year and I know you know what I mean! Sad our summer is gone but excited to start the new year!! This is my last week off so I am trying to get enjoy as best I can. I recently just put a bundle pack of my 3 best selling items on TPT. It is a bundle of my Behavior Chart, I'm Done! Poster and Lunch Choice Poster. It is in Polka Dot bright colors. All for only $6.50! What a deal! I know we spend so much of our own money at the start of the year (all year) so I thought I would put something together that is affordable for all! Enjoy!!
How has the end of your summer gone?

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