Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well, here I am again. New Year and it's been a long time since my last post. Seems when school is in I am either too busy or too tired to post! I will try to be better about it this year (uh humm one of my New Year's Resolutions). ;)

I have been a little slack on my workout regime as most of us are around the holidays. I am thinking about starting another round of T25. I do many of the workouts now, along with my other Beachbody programs like Insanity Max 30. T25 is my all time fave. I am not sure if starting from Alpha may be too easy but I am hoping that just having the consistency of actual following the plan will help. After I complete that I am thinking of doing Hammer and Chisel

Another one of my Resolutions is to be better about my meal planning and clean eating. I already do a pretty good job about healthy eating but will tend to slack off on weekends. While I believe moderation is key sometimes I go overboard!! I am going to plan for weekend meals instead of just planning for the weekday and winging it on the weekend. I also am going to try some new recipes. Here is the link to my FAVORITE blog on healthy recipes. She makes weekly meal plans with lots of yummy ideas!!

I made Olive Garden's chicken Gnocchi  (pintrest) for dinner tonight and prepared the Crock pot bolognese for tomorrow. My other dinners for this week all came from her bog.I am trying to be (more) ready and organized for back to school. Looking forward to Monday!


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