Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Literacy Organization

So I have been a busy bee today, (even though I took the work day off) he he! I made a Literacy Organizer much like the ones seen on pintrest but I got the idea from Sarah over at Snipets for First Grade( http://snippetsbysarah.blogspot.com/search/label/literacy%20center)  and how she organizes her Literacy Centers/Daily 5. I am going to change up my literacy blockand do something similar to hers with running some centers during Daily 5 time. I will choose each day who goes to centers, reads with me and does Daily 5. In Daily 5 is when they will have choice of what they will do. I only have time for about 3 rotations a day so students will still get some variation. Here is my final project and some label freebies it you would like them. How do you do your Literacy Block, I would love to hear from you!!!
                                                                        Click on the labels to get them all.........



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